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                                        Our Team

We are committed to ongoing growth through professional development and critical reflection. We pride ourselves on our extended family environment and the celebration of each other’s strengths and achievements. Through maintaining respectful partnerships with families by creating an all-inclusive environment where everyone’s opinion is heard and welcomed.

Kylie Clark
Miss Kylie
Nominated Supervisor/ Director: Kylie Clark
Advance Diploma Qualified

Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Kylie Clark and it is a pleasure to have joined Paradise Road Early Learning. I consider myself fortunate to have been given this opportunity to join an amazing centre. This Director position offers new and exciting challenges for me, all of which I am looking forward to. Prior to coming to Paradise road, my background entailed working at another Centre for 12 years. Now, I look forward to this new position and I’m quite excited to get started with these new challenges and make some positive and professional changes. I can see already that this is a fine group of people I will be working with. I’m looking forward to having an opportunity of chatting with each of you. Glad to be on board!

Miss Tanikka
Early childhood Teacher: Miss Tanikka
Diploma Qualified - Studying Bachelor

I have worked in early childhood for the past 8 years, and in that time my passion has grown from strength to strength, forming close relationships with the children, families and my colleagues. I have my certificate III and Diploma, and have now taken the next step, by continuing my studies and enrolled in my Bachelor of Early Childhood through UNE.

Miss Mel
Lead Educator: Miss Mel
Diploma Qualified

I started working at Paradise Early Learning Centre in September 2019, as I have a passion for watching and supporting the children to grow, develop and prepare for school in a safe and secure environment.  I have a passion for physical educations and sport and would love to bring this passion into the centre.  I have raised and taught all 3 of my children through home education until this year and am looking forward to the challenges and achievements to come.

Miss Stacey
Lead Educator: Miss Stacey
Cert III Qualified - Studying Diploma

I started at Paradise Road Early Learning Centre as a student in March 2019, feeling so at home and welcomed I didn’t want to leave and I haven’t, now I am a Lead Educator studying my Diploma.  I adore watching the children learn, grow and discover through play based learning.  One of my favourite parts of this is watching their little faces light up when they discover something new or achieve something on their own for the very first time, it is an absolute privilege being part of that.  i want to demonstrate to the children that not everyone is the same or has the same needs and to teach them respect and empathy for all people.  As a person who loves to play I would like to show the children that learning is fun and everyone has their own unique way of doing it.

Miss Jazmin
Lead Educator: Miss Jazmin
Cert III Qualified - Studying Diploma

My name is Jazmin, I have been working with children for the past year.  I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts and I enjoy every aspect of teaching and realise that children can teach us as much as we teach them.. I love watching the children learn and grown at their own pace and in their own time.  I have previous experience teaching children with additional needs, and I am taking steps to improve my knowledge and understanding in this area, to be able to further support the children.  I will bring my laughs, smiles and passion for art as well as my enthusiasm for reading and all things ‘books’.  thank you for giving me the opportunity to support you and your children in their journey.

Miss Karen
Educator: Miss Karen
Diploma Qualified

Miss Karen has been at the service for over ten years, providing the opportunity for her to support entire families through their early years and then on to school. Karen has completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2019. Miss Karen loves to shop and is always looking for new materials for the children to use in craft activities or for up cycling. With  grown children of her own she now passes on her experience to the younger members of the team.

Miss Moana
Educator: Miss Moana
Studying Bachelor - 1st Year

I started working at Paradise Road Early Learning after completing a 3 week practical as a student from the Queensland University of Technology in 2020. My passion and love for young children stems from my family, having being among the eldest of a large family. Every way I turned I was surrounded by children and eventually I grew to love it…sometimes! Growing up I was always told to pursue a career that wouldn’t feel like a job, and to me interacting, caring and educating young minds sounds like the perfect role. I genuinely love coming into work each day, watching as they laugh, smile and learn. Children are my passion and I’m very grateful to be apart of this awesome community!

Miss Emina
Educator: Miss Emina
Diploma Qualified

I have worked in Early Childhood Education for 2 years.  I work in Early Childhood Education because of the fun and engaging atmosphere. Seeing the children’s enthusiasm and being able to support the children to succeed, gives me a great sense of fulfillment.   While working with children I want to provide a caring environment, filled with creative and skill building activities that develop the children’s learning.   To the service I bring my passion for creative experiences. I love using different colours and textures when making artwork with the children.

Miss Ebony
Administrator/Float Educator: Miss Ebony
Cert III Qualified

I am one of our educators at Paradise Road Early Learning as well as our centre administrator. Although you will often find me in the office ready to help with any of your account needs and enrolments – I absolutely love all the fun and exciting challenges that come with being an educator as well, and I enjoy helping your children to grow and learn in an interactive and caring environment each day. Having the past professional experience of working within the disability support field means I am able to understand and appreciate the different learning styles that each child adapts to and uses to grow. I strongly pride myself through being able to provide emotional support and understanding wherever necessary and am always happy to step out of the office and in to the classrooms to help out and make sure each transition for our children and staff is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Miss Rebecca
Chef/Bus Driver: Miss Rebecca
Cert III Hospitality

I have a background in hospitality, nutrition and was a centre chef in Sydney prior to accepting my position at Paradise Road.  I enjoy creating nutritional meals for all children.

Miss Fez
Relief Educator: Miss Faz
Cert III Qualified

I completed certificate III as part of my high school studies.  I was given the opportunity to join the team at Paradise Road as a Casual Educator.  I enjoy engaging with the children and their learning, while building strong relationships with the families.

Mr Jack
Educator: Mr Jack
Cert III Qualified - Studying Diploma

My name is Jack and I am an educator at Paradise Road Early Learning. I was offered a job here in 2020 as I have done some of my studies here in the tiny tots, I loved working with the kids and helping them create a fun learning environment. My passion kicked off as I enrolled in a crt iii in childcare, while I was studying my crt iii I was awarded first in early childcare education at my school. I was offered a job here and as soon as I got the offer I wanted to start straight away. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and the kids.

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