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Our Team

We are committed to ongoing growth through professional development and critical reflection. We pride ourselves on our extended family environment and the celebration of each other’s strengths and achievements. Through maintaining respectful partnerships with families by creating an all-inclusive environment where everyone’s opinion is heard and welcomed.

Miss Ann

Nominated Supervisor/ Director: Miss Ann

I was given the amazing opportunity to become the Director of Paradise Road in June of 2019. I love everything about early childhood education and am extremely passionate about the role we play in developing the skills, encouraging self reliance, creativity and independence of Australia’s future leaders. In the early 80’s I left school to begin my career in early childhood education and feel I have ‘grown up’ with the industry. I believe in allowing children to be children, to get messy, climb, jump, run and be creative, to use their imaginations and to talk, sing and dance every day.

Miss Bec

Assistant Director / Lead Educator: Miss Bec

My name is Bec, I’ve been at Paradise Road Early Learning for 8 years and been in the Early Childhood industry for 10 years. I started as a Lead Educator before moving to the Assistant Director role in 2019. I am enrolling to study Bachelor of Early Childhood in 2020  I have grown along with the children while sharing the joy of goals being achieved. I have a love of all animals and enjoy sharing my knowledge with the children to help them care and respect our pets at kindy. I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge in regards to the National Quality Standards (amongst other key documents) to the practical needs and the understanding of the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines for the Kindergarten children, while mentoring and supporting the children to achieve their goals before heading to Prep.

Miss Sammi

Kindergarten Teacher/Educational Leader: Miss Sammi

Jingeri Jimbelung, my name is Miss Sammi and I have been in the Early Childhood Education Profession for 25 years. In that time, I have had the privilege of working with a vast diversity of educators, children, families and the wider community.  I graduated with my Bachelor of Teaching in August 2019, and joined the Paradise Road Early Learning Team in September, to start a new journey in my teaching career.  I chose this career as I absolutely thrive on teaching children to become the best they can be through engaging and different experiences.  I love teaching children through STEM & STEAM experiences and encouraging the children to never give up.   I bring an extensive knowledge of child development, creative experience and education through fun, discovery and investigation.  I have worked in an Autism specific Early Learning Centre for 4 months, learning more about Autism and challenging behaviours, this is something I am very interested in and do a lot of research on in my own time.  I love to read and spend time with my family.

Miss Mel

Lead Educator: Miss Mel

I started working at Paradise Early Learning Centre in September 2019, as I have a passion for watching and supporting the children to grow, develop and prepare for school in a safe and secure environment.  I have a passion for physical educations and sport and would love to bring this passion into the centre.  I have raised and taught all 3 of my children through home education until this year and am looking forward to the challenges and achievements to come.

Miss Stacey

Lead Educator: Miss Stacey

I started at Paradise Road Early Learning Centre as a student in March 2019, feeling so at home and welcomed I didn’t want to leave and I haven’t, now I am a Lead Educator studying my Diploma.  I adore watching the children learn, grow and discover through play based learning.  One of my favourite parts of this is watching their little faces light up when they discover something new or achieve something on their own for the very first time, it is an absolute privilege being part of that.  i want to demonstrate to the children that not everyone is the same or has the same needs and to teach them respect and empathy for all people.  As a person who loves to play I would like to show the children that learning is fun and everyone has their own unique way of doing it.

Miss Tanya

Lead Educator: Miss Tanya

I have worked in the Early Childhood Industry for the past 25 years as I have a passion for educating and providing learning experiences that the children enjoy. I would like to continue in my endeavor to obtain knowledge to be a great supporting, caring and nurturing educator for all children.  I have also had the honour of working in Indigenous Aboriginal Communities as well as a school in NZ, Special Needs and 2 local Aboriginal Preschools.  I also had the privilege of working for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Commission for 4 years.  I bring to the centre a love of cooking,gardening, arts/crafts, yoga and cultural awareness which I would love to embed into the service.

Miss Tracey

Lead Educator: Miss Tracey

I have worked in the Early Childhood Industry for the past 8 years.  I chose this career I have a passion for working with young children and supporting them to grow and learn, through developing their independents and confidence becoming strong and selfless individuals.  I hope to help families prepare their children for the next stages of their lives through play based learning experiences.

Miss Tali

Lead Educator: Miss Tali

I have worked in a child care setting on and off for the past ten years. I have a passion for children and what they can achieve with the right support. I want to see the children that I look after succeed in every thing they want to do and encourage them to be the amazing little people they are.  I have a background in agriculture and animal care and am very big on sewing , knitting and crocheting and enjoy brings some of these to a work place setting.   I have worked as a farm hand a shearer ,in a restaurant ,in retail and lots of things in between I find these experiences allow me bring many different activities and introduce to the children.

Miss Jazmin

Educator: Miss Jazmin

My name is Jazmin, I have been working with children for the past year.  I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts and I enjoy every aspect of teaching and realise that children can teach us as much as we teach them.. I love watching the children learn and grown at their own pace and in their own time.  I have previous experience teaching children with additional needs, and I am taking steps to improve my knowledge and understanding in this area, to be able to further support the children.  I will bring my laughs, smiles and passion for art as well as my enthusiasm for reading and all things ‘books’.  thank you for giving me the opportunity to support you and your children in their journey.

Miss Julie

Educator: Miss Julie

I have 22 years experience in this beautiful industry.  I started as a parent helper in my children’s classroom and completed my teacher’s aid certificate, before moving on to work in a high school and special needs school.  I have previously worked as an educator in long day care and OSHC as well as running several OSHC services as a coordinator. With my experience I will be bringing a love of craft, creativity and enjoyment of gardening and problem solving. I enjoy working with children and experiencing them become independent, confident and unique individuals.  Having worked in OSHC from many years I am hoping to regain an understanding of early childhood development and seeing the work through the eyes and perspective of those seeing things for the first time.

Miss Karen

Educator: Miss Karen

Miss Karen has been at the service for nearly ten years, providing the opportunity for her to support entire families through their early years and then on to school. Karen has completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2019. Miss Karen loves to shop and is always looking for new materials for the children to use in craft activities or for up cycling. With  grown children of her own she now passes on her experience to the younger members of the team.

Miss Emina

Educator: Miss Emina

I have worked in Early Childhood Education for 2 years.  I work in Early Childhood Education because of the fun and engaging atmosphere. Seeing the children’s enthusiasm and being able to support the children to succeed, gives me a great sense of fulfillment.   While working with children I want to provide a caring environment, filled with creative and skill building activities that develop the children’s learning.   To the service I bring my passion for creative experiences. I love using different colours and textures when making artwork with the children.

Miss Ebony

Educator: Miss Ebony

Hi, my name is Miss Ebony and I am one of our educators at Paradise Road Early Learning. Although relatively new to the child care industry, I am a young mother to a beautiful 5 year old boy and am currently studying my certificate III. My working background has previously been within the medical industry (nursing, disability support and phlebotomy), however a short stint as a substitute educator within the centre had me set on a change of career path. I absolutely love all the fun and exciting challenges that come with being an educator, and I enjoy helping your children to grow and learn in an interactive and caring environment each day. Being a mother to a young child with autism, and having the past professional experience of working within the disability support field means I am able to see and appreciate the different learning styles that each child adapts to and uses to grow. I strongly pride myself through being able to provide emotional support and understanding wherever necessary and making sure each transition is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. I look forward to meeting you and your children, and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of their growth and educational journey each day.  

Miss Kaleena

Educator: Miss Kaleena

I have been with the team at Paradise Road Early Learning Centre for the past 8 months.  I am wanting to be a positive role model for the children’s and being in the role of educator I am able to achieve this goal.  I absolutely love my job and coming to work everyday wanting to see what the children will achieve next in their learning and discovery.  I want to achieve a more in depth understanding of the children and their development, while gaining more skills to help them grow and learn to their full potential.

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