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Our Team

We are committed to ongoing growth through professional development and critical reflection. We pride ourselves on our extended family environment and the celebration of each other’s strengths and achievements. Through maintaining respectful partnerships with families by creating an all-inclusive environment where everyone’s opinion is heard and welcomed.

Nominated Supervisor: Kylie
Miss Kylie

Nominated Supervisor: Miss Kylie

Miss Kylie has been with Paradise Road Early Learning for nearly eight years, starting out in the rooms and moving up to the office. Originally from New South Wales she loves spending time with her granddaughters, her family and cooking.

Miss Kylie calls Paradise Road Early Learning her second home and family and is passionate about the important role she has been intrusted, connecting with local families, children, educators and the community. She is excited to work with a dedicated team of professionals and proud of the standard provided to the children who attend.

Miss Danii

2IC/Educational Leader: Miss Danii

Miss Danii has made a positive addition to the leadership team since moving from Chinchilla. Beginning in the Nursery then moving up to 2IC and Educational Leader. She loves spending time with Raven, and catching up with family and friends.

Miss Danii is an exceptionally dedicated Educator who gives 110% to all that she does and takes great pride in the achievements and learning she facilitates with young children and her peers. As Educational Leader, she shares her passion with other Educators and every day strives to be an exceptional mentor.

Miss Danii adapts the documentation of the Early Years Learning Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines and National Quality Standards (amongst other key documents) to the practical needs of our children and the principals and practices of our Educators.

Miss Reynona
Miss Reynona

Kindergarten Teacher: Miss Reynona

Miss Reynona is passionate about supporting children to grow and explore at their own pace whilst laying strong foundations for future learning. Her hope that when faced with a challenge, they will reflect back to her as their Kindergarten Teacher and remember that she always believed in them.

Coming from New Zealand Miss Rey enjoys sharing her culture and traditions with the children at the centre.

Miss Hayley
Miss Hayley

Kindergarten Teacher: Miss Hayley

Miss Hayley strives to be kind, nurturing and caring in her chosen profession. Watching and supporting children to achieve new goals on their way to being wonderful little human beings. Miss Hayley loves to study and expand her own knowledge skills.

She enjoys spending time with her beautiful family, camping, hiking or swimming. Miss Hayley’s second talent is sewing and dressing up, enjoying making the costumes and bringing them to life on our centre dress up days.

Kayla Oakley
Miss Kayla

Lead Educator: Miss Kayla

Miss Kayla started here on work placement over 6 years ago, and has worked in various ages in the service but has found her favourite position as Lead Educator with the Junior Kindy children.

Miss Kayla is very passionate about the children and strives to do better each and every day. Exceptionally organised and creative with the experiences she provides to extend on the children’s interest, allowing the children to grow into confident eager learners.

As one of our long standing team members she plays an important part in the culture and success of the service.

Miss Georgie

Lead Educator: Miss Georgie

Miss Georgie came to the Early Years Profession after a career teaching children how to swim. With a passion for watching children grow and learn each day, providing them with their needs and interests.

Miss Georgie loves the outdoors, getting her hands dirty and working on cars. She has brought this love into the service providing the children with sensory and messy play activities to discover and explore.

In her spare time you will find Miss Georgie in the bush 4W driving, camping and hanging out with her dogs.

Miss Maddy

Lead Educator: Miss Madeline

On the top of Miss Maddy’s goals is to ensure all children feel safe, secure and loved, this is evident when she engages with the children at the service.

Always available for a cuddle, a laugh or a fun activity to do. With a beautiful boy of her own she still has ample love to go around.

Iura Seban
Miss Iura

Lead Educator: Miss Iura

Miss Iura has worked in the Early Years environment both in Australia and abroad. This experience has provided her with invaluable experience engaging with children from different cultures and backgrounds, in which she found educational and rewarding.

Child safety is the forefront of her mind, along with her friendly nature providing a nurturing environment for the children. She has introduced her outside interests, the love of succulents and healthy eating to the service with the children embracing this new opportunity.

Miss Anna

Lead Educator: Miss Anna

Working in the industry for 7 years has provided Miss Anna with extensive knowledge and experience required to provide the best learning environment for the children in her class.

She is an active participant in all the activities she provides for the children, to extend on their interest and achieve new goals.

Micheal Turley
Mr Mike

Educator: Mr Mike

Joining us from Chinchilla where he previously worked with Miss Danii. Affectionately called “Magic Mike” by the children he is loved by all, always on hand in the morning with a comforting smile and warm cuddle to help the children say good-bye to their parents.

A talented artist sharing this love with the children, encouraging them to never give up and “wow, that’s awesome”! He enjoys brainstorming with the children coming up with imaginative ways to re-use old items and turn them into new treasure reducing the impact we leave behind.

Miss Karen

Educator: Miss Karen

Miss Karen has been at the service for nearly 8 years providing the opportunity for her to support entire families through their early years and then on to school. Miss Karen loves to shop and is always looking for new materials for the children to use in craft activities or for up cycling.

With 2 grown children of her own she now passes on her experience to the younger members of the team.

Rebbeca Fulloon
Miss Bec

Educator: Miss Rebbeca

Not only is Miss Bec a long standing member of the team at Paradise Road Early Learning she is also one of our parents, with her beautiful children attending the service. Being part of the family for 6 years she has grown along with the children while sharing the joy of goals being achieved.

Miss Bec’s love of all animals is known as she shares her knowledge with the children to help them care and respect our resident animals at the service.

Miss Sandra
Miss Sandra

Educator: Miss Alexandra

Known to all as Miss Sandra. Enjoys connecting with children of all ages and has a real passion for the Early Years, focusing on supporting the children to develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills. Taking pride in her caring, hardworking, positive and enthusiastic nature.

She can often be found in the sports arena with the children sharing her knowledge of different sports and skills.

Miss Louise
Miss Louise

Educator: Miss Louise

Miss Louise loves watching children grow, learn and achieve new goals, knowing she has played a part in their accomplishments.

Miss Savi
Miss Savi

Educator: Miss Savitri

Strives to build on her knowledge and skills in the Early Years profession, always looking at ways to strengthen her connections and relationships with the children.

Miss Savi is excited to share her culture and customs with the service to broaden the understanding of the world in which we live.

Miss Bronwyn
Miss Bronwyn

Cook: Miss Bronwyn

Miss Bronwyn has worked in the food/hospitality industry for 24 years. While at Paradise Road Early Learning she has maintained the high standard, 5 star rating set by Miss Kylie while she was in the kitchen awarded by Logan City Council.

Miss Bronwyn enjoys cooking for others and finds it rewarding knowing that she is providing nutritious, meals for the children.

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